From The Heart Down

текст песни Pretenders

Watch each other even when we sleep
For some small protection
It's a promise we keep

Is hard to define
It runs in circles round the mind
But a circle
Ain't a circle
If it's not complete

Love me from the heart down
If it hurts or if it's bliss
Love me from the heart down
Reveal me with a kiss
My senses must compete with a brain that lets me down
Down down

Satisfy each other but the hunger still remains
You sink into my flesh
Like a knife
When day comes to an end
We take off all our clothes
And stand naked
Face to face
With real life

Love me from the heart down
Get me on the floor
Love me from the heart down
Go under and then come back for more
Analytical patter
Gives love the run around
You can't hold a theory
Won't you love me
Love me from the heart down

Misconstrue intentions
When there's distance in between
Longing hurts the teeth
Like something sweet
You're not here with me
You become a memory
Thic aching feels like some kind
Of defeat

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