When The Lights Go Down

текст песни Prince

Another Friday night
Another tired line

Baby, U sure look good,
Hey baby, what's your sign?
How many ask 4 your number
Before they even know your name?
How many out there tired of playing
This silly o-old time game?

Hey, and when the lights go down
And it's justa U 2
It's when U and your lover, yeah
Do what [... wanna] do

That's when U feel the heat
Hotter than July
That's when U and your baby, baby, baby
When your baby get a ride
Yeah, when your baby get a ride

How can U tell him no
When he loves U so?
Buy U anything
Anything U want
His eyes all aglow
He'll know U’re good 2 go
In front of a restaurant, yeah

Girl, U’d better know
Really, until U do it couple o' times in a row
It's just the same
It's just a game
Go back to do whatever, sleep outside your door

When the lights go down, yeah
And it's just U 2

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