I Do

текст песни Profyle

I knew I just met you
But I'm ready
(Girl I'm ready to say I do to you)
I wanna love you forever
(I'm ready to say I do)
(I do, I do)
Come on

I've been waiting for this moment so long
I can't believe that it's on
The sweat is beading up on my palms
As the choir sing a song
I see the crowd waiting outside
For the bride to arrive
I ask my best man one thing
Where the hell is the ring, oh?

Can you hear the sound of wedding bells?
Beating softly in my heart
It's my plan to love with gratitude
For the love you've given me, ooh

1 - Girl I'm ready to say I do to you
I wanna love you forever
I'm ready to say I do
(I do, I do)

Repeat 1

Now we're standing at the alter with the Rev
With this ring I bewed
I can't believe that you will always be mine
All my life, for all time
You're body say hello to miss, it's Profyle
Now we're dancing slow
Busting everlasting romance
Music starts getting loud
We can lose this crowd

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