Run A Train

текст песни Project Pat

(girl) Aaaaaaaaaaaaa....(Dj Paul) Please (Project Pat) Yea
(girl) Aaaaaaahh Please! (Dj Paul) Say pretty please (girl) ahhhhhhh...
(Project Pat) Yea *sound of mix table*
(Dj Paul) Say I want some triple six dick
(*mixing* Let's...)
(girl) Oooo I want some triple six dick...(girl screaming)
(*mixing* Let's call the boys let's run a train)
(Dj Paul) Say I want some Hypnotize Minds dick (girl) I can feel it
(two girls screaming) Let's run a train
(mixing) Let's run a train
(Dj Paul) Spread it open, Let's run a train
(mixing) Let's call the boys let's run a train
(mixing) Let's run a train
(Dj Paul) I'm 'bout to claw it, 'bout to claw it
Let's run a train (2x) Let's call the boys let's run a train

Project Pat:
It's the drink player, ho layer, money making bitch breaker
Take a ho straight to the room and I save a spot for my row dogs
Drinking on eight ball,
don't ya'll wanna run a train on this bald head bitch
Sucking a dick quick, I spit mack shit, lick,
on a ho's mind fine with a big behind
I'm going to dick her down soon as she sucks a dick,
nut on her tongue, Juicy filming this porno flick,
enter with, man this ho is wild she ain't wearing draws
Dick in her ass with her mouth full of salty balls,
take a pause, let's call up my niggs, watch this ho get loose,
everybody hitting from the back, ass like a moose
The caboose of this choo-choo- train (choo choo)
Kiwi is her name, why she wanna call her self a freak,
it must be a loop or a twist to her answer
When I'm urging, can my nigga hit?
(girl) Aw naw I'm a virgin (never ho)

(mixing) Let's run a train (girls screaming and moaning)
(mixing) Let's call the boys, let's run a train (7x)

You a virgin, yea right, but you liking me,
Dj Paul, Juicy J and my nigga Heavy C
Want to have it all? spoil a bitch on the D-L, baby we can ball
'Cause we never kiss never tell, want the case and cream?
You can get it and no doubt,
but all that cum gonna white your fucking teeth out
(girls screaming loudly)
Get your teeth out of the way of your tongue and lips
Finger nail tips, nice switch and some big hips, as the train flips
You a nympho trying to look (girl screaming aw shit)
When the game spits you a freak ho, off the hook
Ready, aim, dick towards your mouth, then open up
You my main bitch if you think so freaky slut

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