Sick Dogs

текст песни Psycho Realm

Sick dogs collide with your stride
Break them off a left and then right
Fight all over these streets
'Till I meet defeat I'm with these
Blocks that rock so many
Wanted by most ain't touched by any foes
Inside circles
Attacking like packs of real sick dogs
Running wild, crazy
Sick in the head get out of hand daily
Sick dogs got one screw missing
Are you a pelуn psyclone on a mission?
Sick dogs we run deep creep come up while you sleep
The strong pray on the weak drop your heat
And protect yourself defend yourself stop the shoot up
Tatted down saying fuck the jura you're a sick dog

Running right through your city of sin
Look alive as we all fall in
Some might fall when the circle spins
And who knows when the show will end
Look at you throw against somebody
Run around and around fighting
Hand to hand combat is starting
And you with no combat skills are falling
For real you know we get down
In sick-ass world downtown killing fields
Learn soldier grills
Fuck'em all up on the street real quick but don't kill
Ill mutha-fuckas will make you feel that fear
Hold still
Some might stand and some might fall
What kind of man are you? We're sick dogs


Dance of the dead results in code red
Fatal blows to your whole head

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