Have You Seen Her Lately?

текст песни Pulp

First you let him in your bed. Now he's moved inside your head. And he
directs all the dreams you are dreaming. I saw a friend of yours today,
she called me over just to say "I dunno if you've seen her lately but God
she's looking rough". No don't go round to see him tonite, he's already
made such a mess of your life. Find something else to do with your time
& do it quickly while you've still got the chance. Do you think he'll fall
apart? Do you think you'll break his heart? If you leave him on his own.
You are dreaming 'cos he can fasten all his clothes, tie his laces, blow
his nose. It's time to teach him how to walk, yeah, teach your baby how
to walk away. No don't go round to see him tonite...etc. You're not his

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