Treatments Of Pain

текст песни Pungent Stench

So what do you think now stupid little smack
Thought you could play the tough guy or what
You won't leave this cell until your brain's doing well
And if you don't obey I'll teach you...

Shut up - I'll fucking get you
I'll smash all of you
Got nothing to regret
And I will not forget

My aim - Punishment - Pain
My will - Torture - Kill

My injunction is to change your confused mind
And believe me, we will do our best
Brain-washing, injections, shock therapy and special treatments
You deserve to suffer and...

Fuck you - You can't bring me down
Where's a will there's a way
No walls will held me in
My revenge will double my sins

You fucking freak shouldn't live on this earth
You're a waste of life and worth being killed
Death sentence actually is still not enough for you
But your wishes for us will come true for you

No way I'll change my mind
Hatred burns too deep inside
Try to kill me but beware

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