Latifah's Law

текст песни Queen Latifah

lright listen, I'm back again cause that's what you required of
Me steady rhyming, and I'm so sick and tired of
Being forced to put suckers in their place
You make me mad enough to punch you in the face
But I'm not trying, so never sound like I don't bone to pick with you
Show and prove that you can stand on your own two
I speak the poetry, dissing those who keep on quoting me
Try to play me, cease it, you don't know me
So smile in my face, behind my back take a line or two
I'm not an idiot, so who you think you lying to?
Queen Latifah's here to lay the law down
So speed it up or shake it around because it's a showdown
The 45 King is arising, suprising, hypnotising star, he's up to par
So I hope you've prepared yourself for what you're in for
This is Latifah's Law

BMW's and gold rope chains don't impress me
Or get you closer to the point you can undress me
Get skeezed, you nose will bleed, that's how they live life
Prepare to feel the wrath of the giver of all life
Fire and desire make you go a little higher
When I grab the wire of the mic
And get hype, I'm sorry you sound dot
Cause I roll like the homicide squad
You must be broke and, hoping that I'm soft but I'm dope and
Left you in the litter to consider coping with
Life, it's trife yeah, but these things happen
You need to make it better, stop trying to be the mack again
Get a grip on the African way
Cause there's a sucker born every day
Crime's the way for you to see what the Queen saw
And this is Latifah's law

Now DJ Mark made up a beat that he can bring you
And I of course supply the rhyme that you can swing to

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