Now I Know

текст песни Rihanna

V1: Heyyy.. mmm....ohh.
Took a chance, rolled the dice on me and you.
Opened up, let you in my world.
Like a dance, Started slow and then love took control.
Swept away, so proud to be your girl.
And when you write a story much to fast,
Sometimes a happy ending doesn't last...

Chorus: Now i know... that love aint meant to be a play thing.
Now i know... it's not an ordinary, everyday thing,
Now i know... that when it's right, it's so amazing.
But when it's wrong you gotta let it go...
Now i know...
Now i know...

V2: Remember when, we said our love would last forever.
But then again, how are we to know,
There'd come a time that love would change like stormy weather.
A sunny day could suddenly turn cold.
Time will teach you all you nead to learn.
But there'll always be a first time you get burned...


Bridge: I don't regret a single day, the joy and pain along the way.
A broken hearts the price we pay,
As sad as it may seem.
baby can't you see, it's the way its gotta be...


Eh, Now i know, oh, i know

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