Message Of The Bhagavat

текст песни Shelter

Concealed revealed
A revolution a solution without bloodshed finally
Disciplic succession has placed in my possession
Complete so sweet a satisfying taste for an empty race
There's fire in the city a fool won't admit it
And only a fool will sit right in it
Truth has been spoken for all mankind
And if you search for peace then you can find
The blind will stay blind if they're inclined
But the wise will apply in this crucial time
In illusion in confusion
The world's greatest brains create more problems not solutions
Expand our bold stand there can be hope for modern man!
It's the messaege of the Bhagavat
History of the universe 18.000 verses for our edification
I sat like an ass in class for 14 years at last
I got some real education
Extinguishing the fire of your workday life
That burns and burns us until we break

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