текст песни Stratovarius

The times are changing so fast, I wonder how long it lasts.
The clock is ticking time is running out.
The hatred fills this Earth and for what is worth,
we're in the end before we know.

Throughout the years I have struggled to find the answer that I never knew.
It strucked me like a million lightnings and here I am telling to you.

Every second of day it is coming your way, future unknown is here to stay.
Got to open your mind or you will be led to astray.
There's a time to live, there's a time to die.
But no one can't escape the Destiny.

Look all the things we've done, under the burning sun.
Is this the way to carry on?
So take a look at yourself and tell me what do you see.
A wolf in clothes of the lamb?

Throughout the...

Every second...

Let your spirit free,
through window of your mind.
Unchain your soul from hate,
all you need is faith.

I control my Life, I am the One.
You control your Life but don't
forget Your Destiny...

It's time to say goodbye,
I know it will make you cry.
You make your destiny.
I know you'll find the way.

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