текст песни Stratovarius

I'm staring out the window wondering will I soon know.
The answer to the questions within where should I begin.
I'm delusioned by a clear winter night, while trying to find some insight.
The solution is close at hand yet still so far away.

I'll turn tables 'round and find another way,
I'll leave all this behind and move on today.

I will take things as they come,
look out for number one
and I'll be back tomorrow.

Feeling strong and brave inside.
My head up high with pride,
Yes I'll be back tomorrow.

I'm facing my nightmares again determined that I won't bend.
The answers are coming to me. I'm learning how to believe.
I know now that this is the way. I've found my red-letter day.
I've been there out on a limb but now I've finally come in.

I'll turn...

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