No Peace Sign

текст песни Twista

[Tung Twista]
relaxin maxin to the maximum
to tracks a hum
the wicks where the stacks are from
inside the styles of a funky lyrical wiz
what a miracle is
get down to spiritual business
now my tounge kissed
put words in your system wished em
respect the blackness em
give in em win em the peace they want
but dont want the peace signs unless its in the mind
become a victim because i kick em sick em
supposed to be black but they be wack
those who pretend to be a muslim i gooshed em
positive ones i pushed em
into the path or righteousness might get dissed
those who pump a fist but aint right with this
i increase rhymes wacks and weak minds
if it aint real stop throwin up peace signs

[chorus 2x]
dont give him no peace sign if you dont mean it from your heart
untied we can get over, yet were still apart

terror wished em ima terrorize elorize in disguise
those for side for tizin and i begin
to creepin seepin thought out unrighteousness and dissed
connect of venomous gangs with the rhytmness
figured they manifestin g i can address
individually each emcee is throwin up peace but dont pray to the east
i write the lect the soul should be playin towards mecca
but snakes and devils wont letcha
freestyle some religous free dump see
to letcha know how come dumb some be
ignorance a comish to look like a fish
and since we whipped from bars to a ghetto priz
ima wiz some brains i give em a brain washin
when im walkin devils im squashin
science fiction mixed in tricks in fixin
the ways of all sort for good
come in my fortress ima gonna force this
cuz it holy dont try to fold me
some just say peace tryin to the black guy
some say peace thinkin it means bye bye
so g if ya never mean this from the heart and the mind
stop throwin up peace signs


lets walk the path of a vo-cab-ulary
you'll cary the thoughts of every righteous man
lets fight this plan of a other man
waxin thoughts of a brother man
satans waitin for us to be hatin each other
sister brother or mother color
blackness dont try to attack this fact this lets now practice
true peace new salon one who is a peace
cease when you see hunger than give peace
blacks a supplied them and applied them identified them
you suffer inhale and say why them
cuz you did not follow the path that i layed out
say blackness and get played out
like children wildin some try to kick a fist
pick a fist i take a piss wikedness to get crushed up
movin up on that bustop while stand inhale bustop
so you must stop
fakin the holy faith in wakin
star dont come apart our hearts get a stake in
so dont be mad so what minds to the minimum
cuz in the em sendin em holy wisdom
to let you know from the heart and the mind
stop throwin up peace signs


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