Uzi (Pinky Ring)

текст песни Wu-Tang Clan

Yo.. yeah
Don't erase none of that good shit in the beginnin
Yo.. spill drinks on ya, get stank on ya
Yo.. yo.. pinky ring shit, yo
That pinky ring shit yo

It's that pinky ring shit, the legend of masked kid
Shoot out the speakers when my guns get jurassic
Superbad, who am I? Dolemite classic
The vandal's back, hands on Angela Bassett
I handle my plastic, gunplay I mastered
No coke, dope mixed down with acid on record
Broken down and crafted in seconds
Lady's choice, the golden voice still peppered
Better, respect it, bitch believe
I pull rabbits out the hat, tricks up my sleeves
I air out the showroom, the shit can breathe
Fix your weave, behold my expertise

[Chorus: Wu-Tang Clan]
I got my uzi back - you dudes is wack, face it the Wu is back
I got my uzi back - you dudes is wack, face it the Wu is back

[Raekwon the Chef]
Take it back to the (?), leanin gettin rec room punch
We in them authentic alley switchin joints
Major general niggaz, five stars
Both arms rock when coke dropped we read a hundred niggaz palms
Silencers, garbage bags of hash
For every cop we paid retired now the nigga on smash
Gash you out your burner fast
You swing down hatin me now respect get your fingers off the glass


[Ghostface Killah]
Yo what the fuck yo?! Yo what the fuck y'all comin for?
Get the fuck away from my door!
We got big guns in here, coke over there
With blue bag and E pills stashed under the chair
And there's Boss Hog black and white pit with the pink lips
Stan thought he was soft 'til he bit his fingers
The shit had me dyin yo, big fat nigga bleedin
Big cat nigga all season
On the beach truck, stuck with Hawaiian ice
Diamond twice the whole city thought I bought FUBU
Blew you, authentic doodoo, picture the fog iced out
Eighteen karat rap between noodles


Up at Killa Bee headquarters, full rips is poured up
I saw (?) sippin Henny from a iced out cup
Yo with the blunt, two-way vibratin off the hip
I sit took, three drags off the honey-dip
Now what you talkin? You see my gold fronts sparkin?
Ain't tryin to hear what you dogs be barkin
Read the headline, that was blast on today's Post
Dead King, thought he could ace Ghost
Queen, couldn't even jack Monk
Probably find him in Doc Doom's back trunk
Bdoodoodoo! I'm up at the Wu library
Readin Malcolm's, ";.. Any Means Necessary";

[Method Man]
John John, Bacardi straight up hold the ice
So nice like New York they had to name him twice
Name your price, I black out then change the lights
Give you the same advice that I gave my wife
Don't fuck with mine, Clan give you lumps in nine
Let the smoke cloud clear so the sun can shine
Culture shock, for some of us that's all we got
Whether you ball or not, you can all be shot

[Inspectah Deck]
New York, New York, legendary rhyme boss
Code name Charley Horse, bust with blind force
I smash set it and wreck for cash credit or check
You crabs test, can't measure the threat
I dance on a nigga like my name's Zab Judah
Rap barracuda, three XL kahuna
Sure to get it perkin and cause a disturbance
I'm thirstin, feel what I feel then we can merge then
Creep it through the states in V8's and 12's

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