A Visit to a Sick Friend - сочинение на английском языке

Everybody can fall ill with any disease. Fortunately, only cold and flu are quite frequent in our city among infectious illnesses. They are rather easy for modern medicine and various pills can help you a lot in overcoming this trouble. But, of course, being sick isn't a pleasant way of spending your time. In such a situation a friend's participation in this trouble can encourage you, give you moral support and even can make you feel better. That's why you should always visit your sick friends. You must remember that tomorrow this illness may happen to you.

I always try to follow this rule. Fortunately, my friends don't fall ill frequently. But I remember such a case that happened about 12 months ago. One of my best school friends fell ill with a hard form of flu. Soon I went to his place to see him. I took some things that, as I was expecting, were interesting for him. Among them I brought a videotape with the best game moments of National Basketball Association. He was very happy about this present and soon we were both enjoying the outstanding games of the strongest basketball league in the world. Then I told him all the latest school news and everything about the material we had passed when he was absent. Then we tried to entertain ourselves and started to solve crosswords in the newspapers, watch TV, so we began doing all the things that everybody does when they don't know what to do. To my surprise, I lost the feeling of time and it was late in the evening, when I understood, that it was time to go home. When I was leaving, my friend promised that he would be all right soon and he kept his word. Two days later he came to school and started to study various subjects with new energy. Sometimes a short break is useful for a person.

Modern medicine helps us a lot in treating illnesses. It also gives us a lot of advice how not to fall ill. Please follow these recommendations, and don't be sick.


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