Ballroom dances are amazing. - сочинение на английском языке

I am keen on ballroom dances. Some people consider that ballroom dances aren't a kind of sport, but I don't share their opinion. Since my childhood I had noticed my love to dances.

I enjoy observing the dancers doing their labour of love with great pleasure. The speech is going about people, who dance not only for money, not only for a wide fame. I am talking about people, who can feel those moments of happiness, the moments you are free. This time you are independent of all problems in this world. It's impossible to convey, it has to be felt. Watching the breathtaking performance, we can see graceful movements, wonderful hand balances and other splendid actions. Indeed, we observe the lightness illusion only. It's hard to imagine how much time and energy this art of dancing has been taking. For making progress you have to have a great number of characteristics features. Some of them are sincere desire first of all, motivation and also talent.

Training is a main way to success. Every movement of dancers is being repeated not one hundred times, because efficient revision is important part for achievement of result. All time you are in gym must be made use of.

Don't be afraid to experiment, try to think of something new, making your own style. Mistakes are inevitable, but you have to endeavour to improve yourself.

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