Dublin - сочинение на английском языке

Dublin is a fine city, with beautiful grey stone houses. It is situated on the east coast of Ireland. If you go to Dublin you must visit its parks. They have beautiful gardens with deer, and there are markets there on Sundays.

Dublin has always been a city of music. A lot of rock and pop groups come to Ireland, because the Irish like music very much. The Irish people like an old song about a Dublin girl, Mollie Malone. She sold shellfish in the streets of Dublin, her father and mother did the same thing before her. When she was still young she became ill and died, but her ghost lived after her. The writer of the song doesn't use the word "love", but he calls her "sweet Mollie Malone", so probably he loved her.Because Dublin is near the sea you can sometimes feel the wind on your face in the middle of the city. But if you want to be warm you can drink coffee in one of the many cafes. Dublin has lots of bridges. Many people know about O'Connell Bridge. It's unusual because it is almost square (47 metres wide and 49 metres across). People know about the Dublin Post Office too. In 1916 there was fighting there between Irishmen and British soldiers.

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