Flight attendant - сочинение на английском языке

Hi! My name is Ludmila and i wanna tell you about profession of my dream. I always dreamed to became a flight attendant. I found this profession interesting, romantic. I don't know why i like this profession so much, maybe someone from my ancestors were connected with aviation. I wanna adjust this profession in future. I'm sure that only this profession gives me a lot of memorable impressions.

I understand that i don't wanna do anything else. Only this profession can brings me happiness, and i will say that i have found place in my life. It is perfect when you adore your job, isn't it?

I think flight attendant post is not hard. Of course you have to know foreign languages, basically English. You have to be friendly, polite with passengers, contact with them. Flight attendant have to greet and to see of passengers. Flight attendant have to demonstrate emergency procedures, serve food, beverages, and maybe sell duty-free goods.

This profession gives you opportunity to travel and see new places. Communicate with people of a different nationality. That is why i wanna fly, i wanna to become a flight attendant.


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