Jerome David Salinger - сочинение на английском языке

J. D. Salinger is one of the most famous contemporary writers. He was born in 1919 in New York in a well-to-do family. He graduated from the Pennsylvania Military Academy, and also studied at New York and Columbia Universities. During World War II he served in the Army in Europe. His only novel "A Catcher in the Rye" brought him fame. Its main character, teenager Colefield, clearly perceives contradiction between the world of adults and teenagers. The drawbacks of the world of adults can be easily seen by the eyes of a sincere and innocent child. He can't understand the psychology of material success, which rules in the world of grown-ups, and he doesn't want to become an adult. The best stories of Salinger comprised his "Nine Stories". They are based on the ancient Indian poetics. They are characterized by nine human states: erotic, humorous, pathetic, the state of dismay, heroic, fear, horror, surprise and calmness. People are shown in different situations, and their behaviour reveals their inner state. The mood, the feelings, the hint are the most important things in these stories. The author considers the family as the ailment for a person. It should bring up a child in the spirit of love to other people. Salinger's works influenced American students of the 50's and 60's. A powerful movement for civil rights rose in the country. After 1965 Salinger stopped publishing his works.

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