Kislovodsk - the town I was born in - сочинение на английском языке

Hello, everyone. I'm Svetlana Shmal, 36. I'd like to tell you about the town I've been born and I'm still living in. Kislovodsk is a small town in size but a big one in its meaning. It is a health resort, famous with its mineral water called "Narzan" and the biggest park in Russia. Our town is often called "Sunny town" because even in winter time there are a lot of sunny days in Kislovodsk.

Lots of people of different nationalities from all over the world come to our beautiful town to enjoy nature and very clean, useful and fresh air. You can entertain yourselves by visiting our circus, music hall "Philarmonia", cinema theatre. There are many restaurants, cafes, big and small, expensive and not very expensive with traditional cuisine of Caucasus. While walking in the park you can meet squirrels and even feed them right from your palm. And if you visit the Roses' Valley full of different sorts of roses, located in the middle of the park, you'll take unforgettable pictures. And, of course, you can take picture with the symbol of our land - an eagle, a real alive bird. Almost all the Kislovodsk's photographers have them as pets.

If one prefers to get rest with comfort and professional treatment of highly educated specialists, he/she should choose a health center. There are great varietys of them and each one will help you to improve your physical and mental condition. Besides, our town is very beautiful and has a lot of old buildings with long and interesting history. You, certainly, should visit Kislovodsk' museum to know better the history of town of mine. Kislovodsk played important role in the World War the second. It was a medical town. Our doctors and nurses helped the Soviet Army greatly, they returned thousands of soldiers back making them healthy and strong again to defend my country from invaders, to win the war. I love my town very much! I invite you too. Come and see all by yourself. You are WELCOME!


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