Mass Media. Different Ways to Know the World - сочинение на английском языке

There are many different ways to get knowledge about our big world. It is mass media, travelling, museums, meeting with interesting people, etc.

People all over the world enjoy books. Books are our friends and teachers. We can learn a lot of interesting and useful things from the books.

Many people choose traveling as the way to know the world. I enjoy it too. It's very fun and interesting! Every year I travel to another place than last year, and I like it: new places - new impressions!

The mass media have done and continue doing much to excite an interest in every aspect of the country's life. The mass media are the various ways by which information and news is given to large numbers of people, especially television, radio, newspapers and magazines. The mass media now play an important role in shaping our opinions.

I think, it is impossible to imagine our life without newspapers. Millions of copies of them appear every day. Many people subscribe to two or more newspapers; others buy newspapers at the newsstands.

There are national daily newspapers, such as the "Izvestiya", and the "Komsomolskaya Pravda". There are also national weekly newspapers, such as the "Argumenty i Fakty" and the "Nedelya". Most national newspapers express a political opinion, and people choose them according to their political beliefs.

Most newspapers contain news, detailed articles on home and international affairs, reviews of books, art and TV shows. Many of them also cover sports events.

In the USA daily newspapers are published in 34 different languages. The daily newspapers are of two kinds: quality and popular. A quality paper is a serious newspaper, which publishes articles and commentaries on politics. A popular paper contains many photographs; its articles are often sensational and mostly deal with private life of famous people.

"The Wall Street Journal" is a quality paper. It is a business newspaper with the largest circulation in the country. There are also newspapers in the USA, which are famous all over the world for their quality. "The New York Times" is "the world's top daily".

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