Mass media nowadays - сочинение на английском языке

Bill Gates, Drew Berrymore, Frank Lampard, Shakira, Madonna, Britney Spears. Do you know them? I am sure that you do. But why do you know them? They aren't Russians,but they are famous in our country. Why are they so popular?

Mass media is a correct answer! Newspapers, TV, radio, internet is the mass media. Everybody use it. Mass media informs us in different directions. It is a great world source of information. Nowadays you cant live without information. Because if you show that you don't know something in all known thing,people will think that you are silly,non educated and not informed.

Most of all I prefer to use the Internet. It is a really great thing. You can find there all information that you want. Even if you talk with your friends and they speak about the person, unknown for you, you always can use google and learn who that person are. And you do it very quickly just using you cell phone.

So, in conclusion I must say that the level of world development are shown by the mass media.

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