My ideal day - сочинение на английском языке

The entire community of 21st century people is sick and tired of work and studies, stress and pressure. We are all suffering from hurry sickness and badly need some time for full relaxation. And what is the best way to relax? I suppose it`s just to have a perfect day when no one will disturb you .

I am dreaming about having a perfect day somewhere in a beach house. I don't have to hurry anywhere. I can do whatever I like. I wake up later than usual, at about 10 o'clock. but don't get up at once. I like to stay in bed for a while and think about something nice. My morning would be full of beautiful sunshine and clear blue skies. Then I get up and have breakfast. I like to have something special for breakfast on such days.For example I would eat pancakes with strawberries. I would wake up to the sound of birds and the sound of water crashing against the rocks. I would want to sit outside where the birds are singing and where the flowers are blossoming and with clear blue skies where you could only see the sun shining and the birds flying. that's why All afternoon I would sit on the beach eating icecream and drinking lemonade. I would be swimming in the clear waters where the fishes are swimming right by you. During the night I would be playing tennis outside when it's dusk and quiet.

I would be free from any problems. I would have no worries anymore. My perfect day would end with the silence of night.

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