My life in India - сочинение на английском языке

It is very strange but I have never think that one day I will go to India. As I work in international call center, it was like exchange between countries for some time.

The first day was really difficult for me, because i was shocked: you will find the Indian roads very dirty with a lot of dust, besides, that there are many beggars outside, which will disturb you a lot. When the first day was over I began thinking about foreigners, which live in India for a long time. But it was my big mistake, because I found many beautiful and interesting places here to see and adore, besides of that always you will find fresh fruits and vegetables outside with the best price. For us, foreigners, it is really great to stay here, especially, for pure vegetarian people.

People of this country very kind and sweet, indian women are like a sunflower. Almost they are house wifes and they taking care of their families the best.. They are very hard working people. To understand this you have to live for a moment in their join family.

Indian women will rise early in the morning, make breakfast for whole the family, after they will wash the cloth and clean the house. After when everybody will complete their breakfast they will clean the utensils and will have rest for a moment. Very soon you will find them in the kitchen again in making lunch. So, in generally, indian women prepair the dish three times in a day. Besides that she will offer water and tea to everybody who will visit her house. Indian men also do a lot of work, especially thay take the whole responsibility of their families and relatives.

To stay in India in summer time is very difficult, because you will find the weather very hot, especially, for us foreigners who didn't get in used to stay outside when the temperature 45 above zero. It is realy hard to imagine indian houses without air conditioning, but still you will find many here.

When my trip became to the end I was regret that i didn't have a lot of time to see the whole country, but I hope next year I will back here again.

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