People Around the World - сочинение на английском языке

As you know people from different countries don't look the same. For example, people from countries such as Denmark, Norway and Sweden are usually tall. They have fair hair, blue eyes and a pale complexion.

Most people in Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Spain and Greece are rather short. They have usually got black or dark brown wavy hair, brown eyes and light brown skin.

Most people from central and southern parts of Africa have got black curly hair and very dark skin. They have also got dark brown eyes, full lips and a wide, flattish nose.

People from Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Libya have usually got dark hair and dark brown eyes. They have also got dark skin.

The northern Chinese are quite short, with thick black hair and dark, slanting eyes. They have got a small nose and a yellowish complexion.

Those who live in hot countries wear light clothes like shorts, T-shirts and slippers. People from northern countries such as Canada, Russia and Finland wear too much clothes in winter – coats, hats, scarves, winter boots and other warm things.

In my opinion character doesn't depend on appearance. So, a very beautiful girl can be angry, nervous person who hates everybody and everything. But an ugly plump person can be really nice and friendly. It can be a good friend, who can always help you. So I advice everybody not to judge people by their appearance.

As for me, I don't know what ideal people look like. Nobody is perfect, so we should love people for their character and good things, not by their appearance.

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