Pubs in Great Britain - сочинение на английском языке

Pubs can be found in every town or village. Social life for many people centred on the pub for many years. Opening and closing times are decided by law. Pubs in England and Wales close at 11 p. m And ten minutes before closing time, the barman shouts, "Last orders!" When you go into a pub you have to go to the bar, pay for your drink and carry it to your seat. One of the main attractions of the pub for all regular pub goes is that it offers good company in friendly surroundings. Where else can you appear as a complete stranger and at once be able to join a conversation with a group of people?

People often meet at a pub before going on to another place. Some people do a tour of all the pubs in one area and have a drink in each one. It's usual for each person in a group to take it in turns to buy drinks for everyone and this is called a "round".

Pub meals have become very popular over the past ten years and are generally cheap and often good. Pubs with gardens or chairs and tables outside are often crowded in the summer. Pubs also provide entertainment: live music, singing, video and karaoke machines.

Pubs are still a central part of British culture. Good conversation and good beer are two essential items provided by them. The drinking beer in a public house is not compulsory. But it's said that beer is the perfect drink for the pub - it comes in large measures so that just one drink provides plenty of conversation time.

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