Restaurants in London - сочинение на английском языке

The British have taken good ideas from all over the world. You can eat Chinese, Indian, Italian and Greek food in any big city. There is a fantastic variety of restaurants. The restaurants' best customers are business people, who meet in them to talk business in a relaxed atmosphere away from the telephone They can eat what they like because the company pays the bill.

When a man and woman want to get to know each other better, they often go out to a restaurant together. After all it's easier to talk in a quiet atmosphere with soft music, wine and good food. Most British families only go to restaurants on special occasions, like birthdays or wedding anniversaries. For visitors to London, eating out can be fun. But if you want that special feeling of London, go to the Ritz in Piccadilly for tea any afternoon at about half past four. And you'll see that the prices are very high. Then you can try England's favourite food-fish and chips. Take it away and eat where you like - in the park, on the bus or while you walk down the street. British restaurants have not always been famous for their good food. Too often, they offered only fried food and chips with everything. But now healthy food is in fashion.


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