Sisters and Brothers - сочинение на английском языке

Have you got a brother or a sister? I have a younger brother and I think it's wonderful! I have a person who is very close to me and who will always help and support me in difficult situations.

However, when children are young, there may occur jealousy, competition and fighting between brothers and sisters. It is a concern of almost all parents having two or more kids. The problem usually starts when the second child is born.

Conflicts between brothers and sisters may be caused by the following reasons:
Children want to show that they are separate from their siblings. Fearing that a brother or a sister is better at anything, they try to find out their own talents, activities and interests.
Sometimes children think that mum or dad loves their sibling more, they feel that another child gets more attention.
Children can't share a room, their parents, toys, etc.

There are three main skills that parents should teach their children in order they could get along well together. They are communication, respect and negotiation.
Communication. It means that children should learn to listen attentively to each other. Use family meetings to talk about things that concern everyone. At such meetings nobody should shout and everyone should have a chance to express his or her opinion.
Respect. Try to explain to your children that if they want people to treat them nicely, they have to treat them nicely, too. People who treat each other with respect, get along together much better than those who are rude, loud and selfish. Parents can also give examples of their own life so that children could understand better the necessity of being respectful.
Negotiation. Your child should keep in mind that whether he is younger or older, taller or shorter than other children, it does not give him any more rights than the others in the family have. It demands a lot of time and effort to teach the child the skill of negotiating, but it's a must for every parent. You should be fair with your children and try to find a solution which will satisfy each of them.

Parents should have a certain power in the family. However, this power can be reached only through trusting. If your children don't trust you, it's impossible to achieve anything but fear and contempt.

Finally, it's necessary to say that children shouldn't be compared to one another at all. They are individuals and are waiting for the appropriate attitude. Bringing up children is a huge responsibility, but don't be afraid of it. Your heart will prompt you what to do.

To have a brother or a sister means to be never alone. From time to time children get sick of one another, but it is quite natural. The main thing is they'll have a close person throughout their life.

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