The Price of Fame - сочинение на английском языке

Almost everybody dreams about being famous sport star or a great actor. But does everybody know how hard it is to have such kind of job?

In my opinion being famous is very difficult and people who are famous deserve all the money they earn. A star should be polite and kind because he or she is an example to be followed for many young people. Famous people work hard long hours every day and do their best for their fans. Also I think that famous people don't have private lives, they don't see their relatives and friends often. A lot of stars lose themselves and pretend a lot. They are who their fans want them to be.

It is not always easy to be famous. Even for the famous, beautiful princess like Diana, life was certainly very difficult at times.

She was born on the first of July in 1961 in Norfolk, England. Her parents divorced when she was a little girl. Diana studied at a boarding school in Kent, and then in Switzerland. She was just twenty years old when she married Prince Charles, and from that moment millions of people around the world watched every move she made.

She was kind and helpful; Diana helped poor, homeless and sick people, so her nickname was "the people's princess". But Diana's life wasn't as happy as it seemed to be – she and Prince Charles had problems with their marriage and they finally divorced in 1996. Diana continued traveling round the world and helping people, photographers still followed her everywhere - even on that terrible night in Paris when Diana's young life ended. She died on the thirty-first of August in 1997. She was only 36 years old.

As for me, I agree that being famous sounds nice, but it is very hard. I guess I don't want to be really famous. Yes, famous people have everything – money, popularity and fame, but stars lose much more – their private lives and their friends.

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