хочу общаться на английском

  • sveta what kind of help do you expect, I mean you wish just to chat in English or may be somethimg else)?

  • Hello!!! My name is Natasha!!! My English is very poor and
    I speak English badly.Help me please.

  • My name is Nataly! I am from Kiev! I study English and I wont to mix with other people. Write me! Му ICQ number is 570736259

  • Hello) I'm looking for a pen-friend. Write me, please. My ICQ 482-408-019)

  • Привет!
    Очень хочу общаться на английском!
    492477317 моя аська!
    Буду ждать

  • hello,everybody. i want to spaek with native spaekers or interesting people.

  • hallo! my name DiaNkA! to me 15 years. i from Dagestsn of city Mahachkala. I love to have fun from soul****** to sing to dance tp go for a walk to be pleased write to me all I shall be glad*******ПИШИТЕ МНЕ СОЛНЫШКИ

  • Hello! My name is Tanya.I am only began to study English and I too speak English bedly. And write. Let talking! First, about myself. To me thirty years, and I have good husband and two smoll children, and, of course, full set of grandmothers and grandfathers. I am a doctor and my husband too. Else, I have two cats, white and black,( еще те оторвы, I do not Know how English). I began to English because I wish to know language and I want, that my children were билингами. And because I try to read " Conana" in English, уже замучилась. If you want let is chat. If somebody will correct errors and explain why, I will be grateful.

  • Beretta
    ДАВАЙ ОБЩАТЬСЯ falloutk

  • Hi! I'm El, Elizabeth.I'm 19. I'm from Russia and i wont to communicate with You!!! Wright me.....)) IQU 43666 54 10