хочу общаться на английском

  • hello everybody!I am Letti. how are you? what are you doing?

  • Hello, Letti)
    I'm fine, thank you.How are you?
    Where are you living?
    I'm from in Belarus.
    I very like drawing.I study at the drawing school and I want study at Akademiya Iskusstv in Warshaw.

  • Hello,my name is Christine.I am Russian.I would like to speak in English.help me,please.thank you!

  • I am too want to recover my english my email rustam1985@mail.ru Rustem from Turkey

  • Hello) I`m from Minsk. I want to improve my English. Maybe anybody wants to help me? ICQ 628-906-171

  • Nika2096 hello Nika me to speak English very very bad!if you not opposite i speaking with you?

  • Ann hay me to want speak English !but I bad now this is language!you want say me?

  • hello, cabinka! how do you do?

  • Stas hello how are you? i want practice my English

  • I might be ignored(