Любимые цитаты из кинофильмов и книг на английском

  • Привет всем)Предлагаю делиться любимыми изречениями из книг, фильмов, радиопередач-источник не важен). Главное, чтобы это было на английском))) Если позволяют знания и время, сопровождайте свои цитаты переводами)

  • My best-loved ones:)
    Tired of London is tired of life.
    Love is the conflict between reflects and reflections.
    The most successful sort of advertisment is the sort that does not look like an advertisment)
    Try answering as if the question took you by compleet suprise)
    You're the one)))
    You create your own opportunities

  • Перевод:
    Устать от Лондона значит устать от жизни.
    Любовь-это конфликт между чувствами и размышлениями) -красиво звучит даже на русском)))
    Наиболее успешная реклама-это реклама, которая непохожа на рекламу)
    Старайся отвечать как будто вопрос полностью застал тебя в расплох)
    ты избранный) (думаю, все узнали Матрицу)
    ТЫ (сам)создаёшь свои возможности)
    Sorry for mistake) there must be written "complete"
    Well) that's all for now)))
    You are welcome with your favourite quotations))))

  • "If I had known I was going to live that long, I would have better taken care of myself!" - is my favourite quotation from book “Along came a spider”

  • Thank you, Edena, it sounds rather original)
    Also this statement may be a good example of unreal conditional clause)
    You know) I wish i took care of myself)
    But, it seems to me that sometimes we should sacrifice our lives to family people)
    And there's nothing left as not to pay much attention to our own needs and help somebody)

  • By the way, i've recalled one more good quotation:
    "No sacrifice,no victories")))If i'm not mistaken it is from Transformers)

  • I agree with you about London. The city is great! It is a quotation of Samuel Johnson. He said it in 1777. The Russian for it is:
    Если человек устал от Лонлона,
    то он устал от жизни;
    так как в Лондоне есть всё, что есть в жизни...
    I'm sure he was right!
    As for me I collect interesting quotations and sayings in English as well as in Russian. I'll share one with you:
    "It is better to be married to a man you can be happy with, than to a man you can't be happy without."

  • hi everyone!!!
    Honore de Balsac : Behind every great Fortune There is a Crime .
    I deeply believe in it . What about u?
    How do u feel about this ?

  • Ohhhhh, but there are tooooooo many!!!
    I am not going to do Shakespeare, although he was a funny dude.
    But here's something for the french poetry lovers (unfortunately, the translation might not be good):
    When I make my sweeping bow at heaven's gate
    One thing I shall still possess, at any rate,
    Unscathed, something outlasting mortal flesh,
    And that is ... My panache."
    -Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac.

    That was a famous quote from my favourite book ever.

    And now:
    "Seeke out ye goode in everie man, and speke of alle the beste ye can; then wil alle men speke wel of thee and say how kynde of hearte ye bee."

    That was a quote by my favourite author, Geoffrey Chaucer. This is 14th century English, so don't be calling it "odd".

    the_godfather89 No, it's not always true. Take Rowling for example, what crime (apart from making Harry awfully dumb) did she commit?

  • No one in the Earth is worth your tears the one who deserves it will never let you cry))обожаю это высказывание Маркеса))а вобще интересная тема,так как я коллекционирую разные цитаты,но в основном на русском)вот терь буду и на англ)