Помогите переделать предложения из прямой речи в косвенную

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    помогите пожалуйста переделать предложения из прямой речи в косвенную
    1.I said,"I was i'll yesterday"
    2.He said to them,"She will be here in half an hour"
    3.I said to him, "I have been waiting for you since two o'clock"
    4.He said ,"I was working hard all the time"
    5.He said to me,"I'll come as soon as i can"
    6.She asked him,"Have the children neturred from school?"
    7.He asked me,"How old are you?"
    8.She asked me,"Why did't you come here yesterday?"
    9.He asked me,"Do you know how far it is to the station?"
    10.He asked me,"Where are you going?"
    11.I said to him,"Don't forger to state in the letter that the offer is without obligation"
    12.I said to the secretary,"Write to them that we cannot offer the goods for immediate shipment"
    13.He said to the secretary,"Bring me the letter we how received this morning"
    14.He said to me,"Please state in your letter how payment is to be made"
    15.I said to him,"Send me a telegram when the steamer arrives in Leningrad"
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    Lisa said, I have read the book with great interest
    Molly asked, Are you leaving atmidnight
    John asked, What did he tell you about his trip
    The doctor said stay at home for a week
    Mary said i needn"t any help
    Rick said my dream to visit Venice
    She said my name is maru swan

  • 1)"we must write a letter to our lawyer"she said
    2)"i will come tomorrow and fix the tap",the plumber said to them
    3)"this is the best holiday I've ever had,"she said to her friend
    4) "why did you say that to me?"she asked him
    5) "don't speak to your father like that,"she said to them
    6) "could you show me where the manager's office is,"he asked the secretary
    7) "take your books with you",she said to her son

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    1.She said that they had to to write a letter to their lawyer.
    2.The plumber told them that he would come the next day and fix the tap.
    3.She told her friend that was the best holiday she had ever had.
    4.She wondered why he had said that to her.
    5.She asked them not to speak to their father like that.
    6.He asked the secretary if she could show him where the manager's office was.
    7.She told her son to take his books with him.

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    1. Mr. Black said, “It didn’t take us long to discuss the price.”
    2. The office manager said, “You’ll go on business to London soon.”
    3. Mr. Black said, “You’re staying with us for a week, Mr. Taylor, aren’t you?”
    4. Mr. Black says, “What discount can you give us, Mr. Smith?”
    5. Mr. Black said, “Your prices are very high. We can’t accept them.”
    6. Mr. Black said, “Who are you waiting for, Mr. Brown?”
    7. Mr. Black said, “Have you translated the letter, Nancy?”
    8. Mr. Black says, “Look through the quotation from Dunn & Co, please.”
    9. Mr. Black said, “Don’t send the fax to Smith & Co!”
    10. Mr. Black said, “Do our goods meet your requirements, Mr. Smith?”

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    1.Mr.Black said that it hadn't taken them long to discuss the price.
    2.The office manager said that I would go on business to London soon.
    3.Mr.Black wondered if Mr.Tailor was staying with them for a week.
    4.Mr.Black asks Mr.Smith what discount he can give them.
    5.Mr.Black said that their prices were very high and they couldn't accept them.
    6.Mr.Black asked Mr.Brown who he was waiting for.
    7.Mr.Black wondered if Nancy had translated the letter.
    8.Mr.Black asks to look through the quotation from Dunn & Co.
    9.Mr.Black told me not to send the fax to Smith & Co.
    10.Mr.Black asked Mr.Smith if their goods met his requirements.

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    1. “He must leave tomorrow”, said his mother.
    His mother said that he must leave tomorrow.
    2. “I’m afraid I can’t do anything for you”, he said.
    He said that he was afraid he couldn't do anything for him\her.
    3. “You have no doubt that the man you saw is the prisoner?” asked a policeman.
    A policeman asked if he\she had any doubt that the man he\she had seen was the prisoner.

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    1.His mother said that he had to leave the next day.
    Остальное правильно.