выполню перевод

  • Выполню перевод английский/русский. Качественно, в сроки.

  • Ну если ты так хочеш,то выполняй:
    2. Fresh snow looks delicate and fluffy. Pick up a handful and it seems like nothing. A cubic foot may weigh only one pound. But when snow is compressed – on your roof or in mountains – where it is hardened by wind and rain, it can weigh up to 30 pounds a cubic foot. It can crush buildings and fall down into mountain valleys in massive deadly avalanches.
    3. Snow is not very cold. It is one of nature’s insulators. Farmers know that snow is the overcoat for their fields, holding hears in the ground and keeping the seeds from freezing.
    4. Snow is frozen water vapour. It forms when the molecules of this vapour in-stead of mowing freely, slow down, clutch each other and freeze into an endless variety of structures.

  • Artem

    Ха! Так имеется ввиду за деньги, а не просто так. И вообще-то, когда просишь об услуге (не важно, платной или нет), надо говорить "Здравствуйте", "Спасибо", "До свидания", и обращаться на "Вы".
    С уважением,
    Крыса Серая

  • I was also shocked. But he took into consideration your criticism, asked to do the same task politely, but in another section, thanked in advance and that's why I decided to help him.

  • friend Дружище, лучше поздно, чем никогда :)

  • Сколько будет стоить такая вещь?
    Living in Canada Today

    Canada is a good example of the way peoples of different ways of life and different languages can live side by side under one government. The Canadian government is more British in style than American, except that it is a federal government.
    Parliament is divided into two parts, the Senate and the House of Commons. Voters in each province (Canada is divided into 10 provinces and 2 territories) choose candidates from different political parties. The party which wins the most seats in the House of Commons chooses the Prime Minister, who heads Canada’s government. Senators are not elected, they are appointed by the Prime Minister.
    Canada now belongs to the Commonwealth of Nations (nations which once belonged to the British Empire). Queen Elizabeth II is still the Queen of Canada. But ties with Great Britain are not so strong as they were.
    Canada is unique in the Americas because it gained its independence without fight. They celebrate it on July 1^st with fireworks and picnics. But most of Canadians do not mind that there are still some ties to the British Queen. Many like to continue old customs and still give honor to the Queen of England.
    More than half of all people in Canada live in southern Quebec and Ontario. Quebec is Canada’s oldest province and its largest. This province was settled by the French, and the people still follow French customs. The heart of French Quebec is its capital, Quebec City. In many ways the lower part of the city, with its narrow streets, old churches, and little houses built close together in long rows, resembles the cities of France.
    Quebec is the largest province in size. Ontario is the largest in population. Some call it nation’s heartland, as it is Canada’s demographic and economic centre and is a major force in national politics. It is Canada’s most industrialized province, producing half of the nation’s manufactured goods.
    Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is the political and administrative centre of the nation. Most national cultural institutions, including museums, archives, the Nation al Gallery, and the National Art Center are in the city.

  • Как сегодня живут в Канаде.

    Канада - это хороший пример того, как народы с разным образом жизни и разными языками могут жить бок о бок под властью одного правительства. Канадское правительство по стилю больше напоминает Британское, чем Американское за исключением того, что это федеральное правительство.
    Парламент делится на 2 части, Сенат и Палата Общин. Избиратели в каждой провинции (Канада разделена на 10 провинций и 2 территории) выбирают премьер-министра, который возглавляет канадское правительство. Сенаторы не избираются, они назначаются премьер-министром.
    Сейчас Канада принадлежит к Содружеству наций (наций, которые когда-то принадлежали Британской империи). Королева Елизавета II всё ещё является королевой Канады. Но связи с Великобританией не такие крепкие как были раньше.
    Канада уникальна в Америке, потому что она получила свою независимость без борьбы. Они отмечают её (независимость) 1 июля, устраивая фейерверки и пикники. Но большинство канадцев не имеют ничего против того, что ещё сохраняются связи с Британской королевой. Многим нравится придерживаться старых обычаев и отдавать честь королеве Англии.
    Более половины населения Канады живёт в южных Квебеке и Онтарио. Квебек - это самая старая и большая провинция Канады. Эта провинция была заселена французами, и люди до сих пор придерживаются французских обычаев. Сердце французского Квебека - это его столица, город Квебек. Нижняя часть города с его узкими улочками, старыми церквями и маленькими домами, построенными длинными рядами близко друг к другу, во многом напоминает города Франции.
    По размеру Квебек - самая большая провинция. Онтарио - самая большая по численности населения. Некоторые называют его сердцем нации, т.к. это демографический и экономический центр Канады и главная сила в национальной политике. Это самая индустриальная провинция Канады, производящая половину национальной продукции.
    Оттава, столица Канады, является политическим и административным центром нации. Большинство национальных культурных учреждений, включая музеи, архивы, Национальную галерею и Национальный центр искусства, находятся в этом городе.

  • So, Толик, it will cost you nothing.

  • дружище помоги пожалуйста, заранее спасибо:)
    The United Kingdom
    The United Kingdom, officially the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is an island nation and constitutional monarchy in north-western Europe, member of the European Union (EU).
    Great Britain is the largest of the British Isles. It comprises, together with numerous smaller islands, England and Scotland, and the principality of Wales. Northern Ireland, also known as Ulster, occupies the north-eastern part of the Island of Ireland.
    The United Kingdom is bordered to the south by the English Channel, which separates it from continental Europe, to the easy by the North Sea, and to the west by the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The only land border is between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The total area of the United Kingdom is 242 sq. km. The capital and the largest city is London.
    England and Wales were united administratively, politically, and legally by 1543. The crowns of England and Scotland were united in 1603, but the tow countries remained separate political entities until the 1707 Act of Union, which formed the Kingdom of Great Britain with a single legislature. From 1801, when Great Britain and Ireland were united, until the formal establishment of the Irish Free State in 1922, the kingdom was officially named the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
    The mainland of the Island of Great Britain is 974 km at its widest; however, the highly indented nature of the island’s coast-line means that nowhere is more than about 120 km from the sea.
    The climate of the United Kingdom is mild relative to its latitude, which is the same as that of Labrador in Canada. The mildness is an effect of the warm Gulf Stream. This current brings the prevailing south-west winds that moderate winter temperatures and bring the depressions which have the main day-to-day influence on the weather. The western side of the United Kingdom tends to be warmer than the eastern; the south is warmer than the north. The mean annual temperature is 6°C in the far north of Scotland; 11°C in the south-west of England. Winter temperatures are rarely higher than 32°C. The sea winds also bring plenty of moisture; average annual precipitation is more than 1,000 mm.
    The population of United Kingdom is more than 56 mln people, but it is one of the world’s leading commercial and industrialized nations. In terms of gross national product (GNP) it ranks fifth in the world, with Italy, after the United States, Japan, Germany, and France.

  • А вы можете помочь мне? у меня проблема с переводом одной фразы.Well, thought Sam, that was it, she had used the method of logical decision-making that her father always recommended, and it had come out 6-3 against the Monday-night dancing class at the Community Center.