Привет всем, давайте учится вместе.

  • Privet.Kak ti dumaesh s chego luchshe nachat podgotovku na ielts.jdu otveta

  • privet asya.mne popalas kniga murphy R.Chto vi mojete skazat ob etom knige? Spasibo za otvet.

  • Всем привет! Тож хотел бы присоединиться к общающимся :) Понимаю аглицкий в принципе сносно, а вот самому мысли излагать :(... ICQ 260293571

  • 476408518 write me anytime )

  • BEN горит желанием знать английский, изучаю его год, в школе "учил" немецкий... а тут на английский проперло... возьмите меня к себе PLEASE!!!
    ISQ - 406098501

  • Привет пытаюсь учить по франку. 451-952-384.

  • Hi, everibody! I wanna learn English. I have Skype and time. My native language is russian. Wright me at vikusia81@yahoo.com

  • Everybody here needes to improve own English. There are a large amount of people who writes with this aim in view to this topic. But does it by Russian language what is incomprehensible. If you wish to speak Englih try do it anyhow. At first it will be wrong, you will be making many bad breaks, but you must attempt. Everybody hopes to find a person whose English better himself, but it is time to understand who speak better search person who speak more better and does want speak with you becouse his aim to improve own English too.Therefore, you have two ways make your English better. First one to take good tutor and pay him for knowledge. But who can tell you about his craftsmanship? May be you will do unsuccessful tries by his bad craft? Second way to learn yourself. How? By reading, translating, learning and singing native songs etc. Every ways are good. If be wish. But in this case you need of communication with similar people that to understand your possibilities. It will make you knowlingly choose words, compile phrases, to make right what have been writen wrong. There was a lot of causes to choose the second way learning for me. I have been learning English about two months and now I need a communion. I will be thankful for correction of my mistakes. Write me whoever you is, young and old, in any your level, but only English.
    I can try correct your Russian, if you will write phrases on two languages at some time. I hope my level is enough for that, but I don't know why I think you are Russian, which want enjoy oneself by this way. My apology if it is not true. Write, please, and I try to help with pleasure if I could.

  • Oh.. it was very hard to make the last post out. Write to me, here is my number 217-034-820.

    As for Anna how have you learnt the language if you are making such foolish mistakes as "whoever you is".

    But the post above is the proof of your bravery! :)

  • Hi!My name's Yara.I'm 20.I live in Ukraine.My English not so bad but further than perfect. I want speak English and than we can write each other some letters.Very sorry what I can't be on-line constantly but we can write letters on e-mail and answer.I hope what you write me.
    My mail:yaroslavnaz@mail.ru