Привет всем, давайте учится вместе.

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  • Subzero

    Well done! I was heared. I was praised for my bravery. It was a little offensive word "foolish", but I don't care of it. In my mind only who does nothing don't make mistakes. (Is this right?). Thank for ICQ, but I am not ready to communicate with this way because my ability of type-settinng is more "good" yet of my English skill:}. It will be so long and I will be seemed so hamper...No.Be so kind as to write me to e-mail or right here. I shall make new foolish mistakes, you may correct its no only point out. May be it will be useful for somebody also. One head is good, but two heads are better and a lot of heads are more better. Give me a piece of advice anything easy and clear and interesting to read. I read Bradbury but some his stories are incomprehensible - too much comparisons, too much feelings. All good to you.

  • Anna so, speaking about mistakes, there are ones in the paragraph above. A collocation like this "I was heared" is difficult to understand, at least, for me ;)

    The Passive Voice, which seems to have been used in your words, is not suitable in this context.
    Well, if you wanted to say: "Я услышала", you ought to use something like this: "I have heard" or "I heard", or "I have listened to you"... it depends on the meaning you want to express, that is to say - "to listen to" or "to hear".

    Then I didn't quite understand "a piece of advice" - "кусочек совета" (если дословно), so does anyone speak like this? I guess no one does. If it is so, correct me.
    You should use just a word "advice" or "some advice".

    If you didn't understand any of the words written, let me know about. :)

  • Subzero
    You don't imagine how I was glad to see this analisis of fly (I want to say "разбор полета" Am I successful?)It is the real help for me. To point.The expression "a piece of advice" I have met once in literature. I cann't recollect wheres. At first I was astonished a little at it then I have thought who knows that Englishmen. And as good as we usually remember (ЗАпоминаем?) any strange thinks I had remembered this one. I agree with you that it sound stupidly and from this day I shall not use it. As for my "I was heared" I want try to object to you becaus I had meaned no "I have heard", but "anybody heard me". May be I should to add "I was heared by anybody (by them?)" Or this is wrong all the same? How about "Whoever you is" I wanted to say it is importlessly to me who is who.Wrong again? I have quite messed. I think there are too much mistakis already. My best respects to you.

  • Hi! My name is BEN. I from Omsk. Write me please.
    В Омске по отношению с Москвой время +3 часа, часто бываю в чате в дневное время, практически никогда - ночью.

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  • BEN
    It was said above I don't have possibility to converse in ICQ. Write here. Is it seems to me or it is? There is the little mistake in your post. "I am from Omsk ".But I must warn I am not strong in Englihs therefore check up my supposishion please. What about the winter in your Omsk. Is there frost? Snow?Personally I saw mosquitoes outside two days earlier . I mean in the yard. It is true.
    Subzeroand everybody
    It is what I want propose. I have got the "Pirates of Caribian" with subtitles. I shall report it with my translation. If I shall err right me. Please. Well? Let's go.
    There is very foggy. From fog arise the sailing vessel with girl about eleven on the board. She is singing
    Drink up, me hearties
    We kidnap and ravage
    And don't give a hoot
    A pirate's life for me.
    We extort, we pilfer
    We filch, we sack..."
    Выпейте залпом, парни!Мы похищаем людей и разоряем и плевать. Пиратская жизнь по мне. Мы вымогаем деньги, мы воруем по мелочи, крадем, грабим...
    To be continued

  • Anna let me tell you something. Do not try to understand and translate "all that is moving" :) just do grammar exercises and lexical ones. You will see that the words from exercises will be learnt themselves. :) Perhaps, you think I am very good at English but it is not so, I am just studying and nothing more. Certainly, studying at The Chair of Foreign Languages helps me a lot, but I don't learn the language in a hurry.

    So, the list of your mistakes:
    analysis not analisis - it is a Latin word, so it is sometimes hard to remember.

    flight - полёт - this a noun and if you meant "fly" as a noun, in this case it means "муха". "To fly - летать" as a verb.

    Am I successful? sounds a bit officially and used in more general expressions. If you want to say: "Я права? (в плане ошибки)", you should use more suitable phrase fot this situation: "Am I right?".

    that Englishmen here we have the plural form of a noun so that you should use either "those Englishmen" or "the Englishmen". By the way, it is normally used "the English" that means "англичане".

    it sound stupidly - do not forget about the ending! I mean "s" with the personal pronoun "it". This is the basis of English Grammar.

    I was heared - if you meant "Меня услышали", so you were absolutely right! If not, explain what you wanted to say.

    by anybody - indefinite personal pronouns (неопределенно-личные местоимения - somebody, anybody) should be omitted in the Passive Voice.

    meaned - this is an irregular verb that is why we should use another form of it.
    What form should we use? :)

    In the end:
    As for your translation, I think there are many words that are not often used. Learning them is a waste of time, at least, at the beginning. It's not worth it.

  • SubzeroI was glad to see your comments again. But why I shouldn't try to translate "all that is moving"? I guess this mean "все меняется"? It may to add "all that is floating".Is it right? There is such well-known expression "Все течет, все изменяется" No? Exercises are good. And an attempt to say own thought by English is an exercise too. And else I agree that hurry-scurry don't bring to good. To the list.
    1.I met only my variant, specially having saw into the dictionaries. I think they are both right.
    2.Analisis ;)of fly! Such enormiti! But I have found else one word.It is "Flying".It is the most suitable in this expression. Do you agree?
    3.If be exact I wanted to say "У меня получилось?" I am boredom to use only "right-wrong and good-bad". Perhaps, I am sometimes carried away by use of new words.
    4.Me have like the variant "Those English"
    5.Without questions.
    6.I am clever. ;))
    7.I will be to omit them.
    8.We should use "meant". Thank.
    There are many rary and unfamiliar words indeed, but from a song you won't throw out a word. If I'll be to miss something the common sense will lose. So I continue.
    The man about fifty appears near by girl whispering and looking round
    Quiet, missi. Cursed pirates sail these waters. You don't want bring them down on us.
    Else one. He is sea officer. To the old
    Mister Gibbs that will do.
    -Тихо, мисс. Проклятые пираты ходят в этих водах. Ты ведь не хочешь навлечь их на нас?
    -Мистер Гиббс, достаточно.
    To be continued

  • Aha, I see, that jingles already bells.
    I want to add to my last post. The expression "that will do" was incomprehesible to me until I have remembered the old Russian word "Будет", which very rary is using now in sense "Хватит, достаточно, да будет тебе уже".
    And else the one question. Will somebody explains me
    what mean the lowest line under the name of post's writer. Trehe is number of messages. Which messages are? whom messages are? I want to understand.
    Well, Happy New Year to all! Good luck!