Привет всем, давайте учится вместе.

  • Anna
    Yours - "If I am a little attentiver I will memorize from first time."
    Mine - "If I am more attentive, I will remember from the first time."
    After the if-part of a sentence there should be a comma.

    Yours - If I was... I would ...
    Mine - If I were..., I would/should/could/might... (depends on the context)
    Using the subjunctive you should say "were" in each person. Not "was".

    Do not mix up "when/if", they have the different meaning. In you last sentence you should have used "When".

  • Anna, I can recommend the electronic dictionary ABBYY Lingvo (don’t consider it as a commercial, не сочтите за рекламу), the program that has the most comprehensive dictionaries with very powerful search engine. Personally I have Lingvo 11 Six Languages but I heard they can now offer the 12-th version of Lingvo. Having acquired it you both can use many build-in dictionaries and download a great variety of additional ones from ABBYY Lingvo home page. In particular, they have among their dictionaries the US Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary (1913 edition, English-English) which includes above 182,000 entries.
    As to the question which language is the most powerful, first of all, I have to say there are no bad languages but there are bad speakers. I guess each language has its own means and possibilities that are simply different from those of another language and we cannot deny that the development is continuing just as we can’t say there is a perfect language. Yes, there are half a million words in the English language, we have 300 thousand or so in Russian, and although a Papuan has in his vocabulary not so many it seems to me these are still problems of a different kind. I think even in this case we still can’t say that any one of Papuan languages is “poor” or “bad” just because of its smaller vocabulary or some of its features. At least for a Papuan himself his vocabulary is quite sufficient. It just fits the current standard of living and can leap forward if necessary, that’s for sure. What really matters is how effective we can manage both native and non-native languages, and how well we know their own features.

    I cannot see any problem with the sentence “I did tell you – told you last week”. The verb “do” can be used to emphasize the meaning of another verb and can be translated with the Russian particle «же», or adverbs «действительно» and «точно». And it will be enough for us to use “do” in correct form:

    I did tell you – told you last week.
    Я же тебе говорил (сказал), говорил (ещё) на прошлой неделе.

    So we can really use this verb in a positive sentence.
    The expressions “did tell you” and “told you” here have the same tense – the Past Indefinite Tense.

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