I'm a student and I study English, French and German

  • Hi. I'm a student and I study English, French and German. I think here are a lot such people as me. But I'd like to ask what's the use of it? Because as for me I'll know only English and F & G ony some words. And isn't it difficult for you? And also is it usefull or you just waste time which you could spend on studying Eng? :)

  • Where is your question exactly???

  • Do you think it'll bring you any use or itwill give you only general knowledge and nothing else?

  • Hello!

    I'm writing to you in connection with the message you left at this forum.

    Without any exaggeration, that's great you are studying several languages at the same time. As far as my opinion is concerned, I never cease to admire those kind of people who aspire to improve their knowledge of foreign languages and take on learning new ones. Believe me, it's absolutely amazing!

    From my personal life expereince, I can surely say that the way of learning is hard but the result is fruitful. Anyway, whether you need to master the languages you mentioned or not, depends on a particular situation. However, I wish you every success in your studies.

    Best wishes


  • Hello again!

    Here are just a few words about my own learning expereince.

    If we speak in terms of learning languages, I'm so engrossed in this learning process that sometimes it does seem impossible to notice time. "Time flies", as the famous saying goes, you know.

    I would say I'm an advanced student of Spanish, and, not surprisingly, I'm quite good at it. Another language I tried to learn really hard is Italian. Looking back on the time spent on it I do believe it was all worth doing.

    As well as saying about the languages I know pretty well, I would also like to point out that I prefer to study on my own. Obviously enough, I'm some kind of self-learner. Self-education is absolutely essential while going up the ladder of knowledge.

    Personally, I'm a business student of the 4th year. I sincerely hope to reach proficiency in English as it undoubtedly has become a global language - an indispensable part of our being.

    It was a real pleasure for me to drop you a line. However, I'd rather talk on Skype. My nickname is alex_guu

    With kind wishes


  • Hi. Thanks for wishes and everything you wrote me. You know, I don’t know you at all, but I suerly can say that first of all you are very smart and bright person! And secondly, you are very strong. It’s so hard to make yourself to do something, and I just cant imagine how you could learn all these languages especially as a self-learner. That’s why I think you are very strong if you mannaged to do that!!! And one more thing - you know English very not bad :). I really know that everything I do now will be quite useful for me in my future. So I’ll try to do my best in my studying now (though sometimes that’s very hard : ). Thanks....

  • Well, I got your message. What you have written just a few lines above sounds so inspiring! Understandably, I'm bubbling over with excitement! Honestly, I strongly wish you stepped on the right track and find your way - the best possible one for you.

    Probably, the most fascinating thing at the beginning of my way to proficiency in English (though I haven't reached it yet and I fully realize there is a long way to go) was some drastic changes in almost everything related to my studies.

    Once (about 3 years ago) I hated my poor knowledge of English that was totally unsatisfactory at that time and I got down to studying English by some miracle and, believe me or not, found it absolutely fantastic! I was starting to feel extremely hopeful of my future advancements as the inner voice of my heart was constantly telling me just the same phrase: "You can learn English! It's up to you, no one but you can do it. What you need is just change your attitude towards the things surrounding you and work harder". How sensible this thought was! And how beneficial was its realization.

    Incredible as it may seem, but my memory improved dramatically, from an unbelievably low level to the ability to learn by heart a great deal of information in a short period of time. As a result, I became a much better student than before and that's mostly because I had acquired the invaluable skills of learning.

    That's my story and there is much left to be added but, to cut my story short, I don't see the way back and I'm strongly determined to go on, in particular, to come along with my progress in English. I simply hold onto the idea that it will all pay off in the end.

    It was really nice to talk to you. Look forward to an immense progress in your studies.

    With best wishes


  • Sorry, I have misspelled the word found (the third line):

    stepped on the right track and found your way

    We all make mistakes. We live and learn.

  • Yes, we all make mistakes : )...
    I try to find my way in this life. But i think i have already found at least nat “way” but small “lane” and I know the direction where to move next. I think i want to be a teacher. I know, maybe this job will not give me great perspectives in my future. But that’s not the most important thing for me. I just know what my heart tells me. I like to work with children. I don’t want to be just one of million other teachers. I want to become my pupils’ friend and not just their teacher. Maybe it’s my childrens’ dream... I don’t know.... But I’m sure that my work will be connected with children (and partialy already is:) . So, I really have to impove my knowledge. I will work hard... I have to...

  • I'd like to mix up into your dialogue if you don't mind :) FIrst of all, I want to say, that it is a great thing when a person wants to acquire knowlege, to practise self-educating. I feel a bit envious for people who know more than one foreign language.
    To Eno4ka: - I'm going to graduate from a teacher's training college as well, but I'm not eager to go to school. If you like to work with ch.- you're welcome! I think pupils would be glad to have a bright and enthusiastic teacher:)))
    P.S Don't mind my mistakes, plz!