I'm a student and I study English, French and German

  • Thank you! I hope I will be able to become a good teacher. You are going to graduate from a teacher's training college, so why don't you want to be a teacher?

  • I do agree that teaching is a rewarding job. Actually, what I see studying in my university is that lots of teachers do not simply measure up to the required standard. It calls for better English teachers as well, who could teach moved by high spiritual values and sharing the light with their students, pupils, schoolboys, schoolgirls, whoever it might be. Surely, it would change the world for the better. Really, I'm very optimistic about it.

    Eno4ka, there's no denying that teaching is exciting. We can't do without real professionals who are strongly devoted to their job and high ideals.



  • Yes, I hope so... Where do you study if it's not a secret? And where are you from? Becouse I live in Ukraine. And you?

  • I have lived all my life in Moscow. The place where I study is GUU (The State University of Management). I specialize in Management, Entrepreneurship.

    Last year I was going to visit Kiev but, unfortunately, the trip was cancelled. Perhaps, I'll be luckier this year.

  • Kyiv is a nice city, so if you have a chance to visit it, don’t miss it. But I live not in Kyiv and in Lviv. I think you heard at least something about my city. Some people call Lviv a center of Europe : ). It is really ancient andnice. I love my city : ). OK.
    Wish you all your plans to become true!

    I am only one, but here I am all.
    I can’t do everything, but at least something I can.
    And though I can’t do everything,
    I will not give up the things I am able to do.
    I will do what I have to.
    And I’ll reach my purpose with God’s help!

  • Well-written! Nevertheless, to submit yourself to the God‘s will is quite a difficult task. Good luck!

  • Alexander
    Why do you think it is difficult to submit to God's will? Did you ever try to do that?

  • I feel the necessity to carry on this task. Surely enough, very often unsuccessfully. However, in no way am I going to despair. Never give up, life goes on!

    It's a serious matter to talk about. I'm not entirely sure it would be quite right to speak about it right now.

    With kind wishes

  • Alexander
    Excuse – me for asking so difficult questions. I know it may be quit hard for you to understnd that, though now it is easy for me. Still a lot of people don’t know their purpose in this life. But that’s very long story... Ok. Buy

  • That's all right. Don't worry.