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  • ) Поставьте вопросы ,начинающиеся с вопросительного слова, данного в скобках:
    1. She is going to Sochi for holidays at the seaside. (why)
    2. The teacher is talking with his students in the library. (where)
    3. My friend came home late. (when)
    4. I shall write you a letter. (what)
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  • Justice and the law in Great Britain
    England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all have their own legal systems, with considerable difference as well as similarities in law, organization and practice. All three have separate prosecution, police and prison services. Crime prevention policy and non-custodial treatment for offenders are similar throughout Britain.
    The main sources of law are government legislation, common law and European Community law. EC law, deriving from Britain's membership of the European Union, is confined mainly to economic and social matters; in certain circumstances is taken precedence over domestic law.
    Criminal Justice
    The criminal justice system aims to prevent and reduce crime, and to deal fairly and without delay with those suspected or accused of crimes. It also aims to help victims of crime and punish suitable those found guilty.
    As in Western Europe generally, there has been a substantial increase in crime since the early 1950s. About 5 million crimes were recorded by the police in England and Wales in 1994. Crime tends to be concentrated in large cities and urban areas, with over 90 percent of recorded offences directed against property and only a small proportion involving violence.
    Important measures to strengthen the criminal justice system have been taken in recent years. For example, the courts now have powers to confiscate the proceeds from serious crime, such as drug trafficking, robbery and fraud. Strict legislative controls on firearms are in force. The Government has certain special powers to help in preventing and investigating terrorist crime. These take account of the need to maintain a proper balance between the safety of the public and the region of the individual.
    Law enforcement is carried out by 52 locally based police forces, with a combined strength of about 150,000. Certain police services are provided centrally, either by the Government or through co-operation between forces. Police officers are normally unarmed and there are strict limits to police powers of arrest and detention. Police-community liaison groups operate in every police authority. They consist of representatives from the police, local councilors and community groups.
    Most accused people are released on bail pending trial. They are not remained in custody unless strictly necessary. In Britain criminal trials the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Trials normally take place in open court, and rules of evidence, which are concerned with proof of facts, are rigorously applied. Less serious offences and the vast majority of criminal cases are tried before lay magistrates sitting without a jury. The most serious cases are tried in the higher courts before a jury of 12 (15 in Scotland) which decides on guilt or innocence. The judge decides questions of law, sums up the evidence for the jury, and discharges or sentences the accused. Juries are independent from the judiciary.
    Legislation sets the maximum penalties for offences. Fines, community sentence (such as probation) or custody may be imposed on a convicted person, who has the right to appeal to a higher court. There is a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment for murder. Life imprisonment is maximum penalty for serious offences such as robbery, rape and manslaughter. The death penalty is not used.
    Prisoners are housed in accommodation ranging from open prisons to high security establishments. There are separate prisons for women. Children are not normally kept in prison-the basic custodial sentence for those aged 15 to 20 (16 to 21 in Scotland) is detention in a young offender institution.

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    Kevin Costner, an Actor and a Producer

    Kevin Costner, a famous American actor, was born in Los Angeles. He spent his childhood often on the move, changing schools frequently, owing to his father’s job at the regional electricity company. As a teenager, he developed a keen liking for football, baseball and basketball and was also interested in singing and writing poetry.
    He married his college sweetheart, Cindy Wilts, still at California State University and came out with a business degree in marketing. In his spare time he appeared in local theatre productions. Theatre became increasingly important to him and after having worked six weeks in a marketing company, he gave the job up to become an actor.
    He played many small roles before his principle role which was not a success. However Costner himself was given good reviews. In 1987 his starring role in “The Untouchables” and “No Way Out” really introduced him to international fame. Indeed, he won the Star of Tomorrow prize from the U. S. National Association of Theatre Owners. Then in 1988 came “Bull Durham” which was a huge hit movie in the States about baseball. His subsequent film “Field of Dreams” was also a success and touched baseball again. Then came the violent drama movie “Revenge” followed by his first directorial debut film “Dances With Wolves” in which he also starred and which won 7 Oscars. His movie “Robin Hood, Prince of the Thieves” was also a great success.
    I like this actor because the characters he plays are strong personalities, wise people who are worthy of my admiration. In my opinion, this is the reason of his growing popularity in many, countries. He is not only a talented actor, whose acting draws your attention from the very moment you see his face on the screen, but he is also a successful producer and continues working at his new films which are certain to amuse people.

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    There are some subjects which may be better taught using computers.

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    Make all types of questions to the following sentence:
    the next generation of Internet-enabled televisions will incorporate a smart-card for home shopping, banking and other interactive services.

  • Составьте плиз 5 типов вопросов к каждому предложению=* очень срочно надо

    His friends are at college now
    2. My sister likes visiting museums
    3. We went windsurfing in summer
    4. She was writing when they when they came in
    5. He is taking a picture of his friends
    6. They will read detective stories
    7. He wants to get nice present
    8. They have just read an interesting book
    9. This camera is rather expensive

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    задать 4 типа вопросов к предложениям:
    1) I am having a really bad day.
    2) He works for a small company.
    3) He appear to have a bad cold.
    4) i think that is a great idea.

  • помогите составить вопрос к предложению His father wants him to become a student.к слову a student?

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    Задайте к предложению все типы вопросов: общий, альтернативный, разделительный, специальный, вопрос к подлежащему.
    In every marketing channel, the members that do business together have some kind of working relationships.