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    Progress Consulting Group-to-the-he-use-should?
    Maria, new EBP business book-easy to understand- useful

  • Why did Europe lose its forests? помогите перевести и составить ответ

  • Why did Europe lose its forests? помогите перевести и составить ответ

  • помогите пожалуйста составить вопросы разных типов(общий,специальный.альтернативный,разделительный,вопрос к подлежащему) к предложению:
    Thousands of people went to the stadiums to support their favorite teams.

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    vOICe is a program that changes pictures into sounds. Different colours and shapes have different sounds. With practice, blind people can listen to the sounds and 'see' them by using their ears.
    The program MouseCAT changes pictures into vibrations on the screen. Blind people can touch the screen and 'feel' the images. They can also use this program to speak - they write words and the computer says them.
    Mindmouse can identify brain activity. It is like a hat. You put it around your head and operate the computer by thinking.
    CharM is a computer system that can identify people's emotions. In this way, people who can't speak can communicate how they feel to other people.

  • Screw or helical gears, often miscalled spiral gears, are used to connect shafts which are not intersecting. Their axes may be:a)parallel, b)at right углу, or c)inclined at any angle to each other. Type gears are always called helical gears. Worm gears form a special type. In order to preclude confusion with helical spur gears having parallel axes, a better name for those with non-parallel axes, is screw gears. Screw gears resemble helical spur gears by the shape of teeth, but their action is different. The engaging teeth slide over each other instead of moving in the same direction at the pitch point. Such gears are suitable only for the transmission of light power at moderate speeds. They are used to convert rapid rotator motion into slow rotator or, when using a rack, into slow linear motion. When used as a speed increaser they are subject to rapid wear.

    переведите прошу...(((((очень надо

  • Early credit cards involved sales directly between the merchant, offering the credit, and its customer. помогите пожалуйста поставить разделительный вопрос

  • народ помогите составить 5 вопросов для рассказа полосатая палка

  • помогите пожалуйста перевести.
    Верно ли, что Скандинавы были, в течении короткого промежутка времени правителями Англии?
    Какой характер имеет большая часть Скандинавских слов?
    Чувствуются ли, скандинавские слова, как иностранный элементы?
    Были ли включены иностранные слова в родные элементы?
    Может ли англичанин процветать без скандинавских слов?

  • помогите перевести вопросы!!!!1.кто контролирует работу горничных?2.кто сказал,что все хорошо?пожалуйста!!!!