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  • hi
    Есть пара небольших текстов переведенных на англ.
    Я хочу проверить их качество, не подскажите куда обратиться ? Желательно конечно, чтобы это был носитель языка.
    За деньги разумеется

  • Я могу помочь. В нашем лингвистическом центре есть и квалифицированные преподаватели, в т.ч. носители языка, и переводчики

  • It was cold, snow evening in winter. I with my friends decided to go on a hill to ride on sledges. Margo and Nikita were waiting me in the outside. When I had gone out home, we went to the park, where we conducted 2 hours.
    When we going home, a machine with 3 men drove up to the park. In a park wasn’t anybody. People went out from a machine. While one man was speaking by mobile phone, other examined everything around, and the third man sat in a machine. We hided for a tree, because people showed very suspicious. Suddenly, we noticed that man, who had sat in amachine, disappeared. We were very frightened. After that, Margarita said me “Where is Nikita?” He wasn’t row. Then she said “Ohh no, maybe this man had caught our friend?” We didn’t know that to do!
    Suddenly, we had heard somebody’s voice. Someone was saying “Girls, what are you doing here? “ It was that man, who had sat in a machine. We were very scared and began to run home.
    We appeared at home. We knew the next day, that with Nikita nothing happened.
    Well, that we had escaped from park, because we knew, that the level of criminality rose in our town.

  • В предложении "We hided for a tree..." глагол "прятаться" звучит неправильно, а правильно будет "We hid for a tree". Грубая ошибка, ведь это неправильный глагол. Hide - hid - hidden!!!

  • It was cold snowy winter evening. My friends and I decided to go on a hill to ride on sledges. Margo and Nikita were waiting for me outside. After I left home we went to the park. It took us two hours to get there.
    When we were going home a car with three men drove up into the park. There was nobody else in the park. The men went out from the car. While one man was speaking on his cell phone, others were looking around. The third man remained in the car. We hid behind a tree, because the men looked suspicious. Suddenly, we noticed that the man who had been in the car dissappeared. We were very frightened. After that Marina asked me "Where is Nikita?" He was out of sight. Then she said "Oh, no! Maybe this man had caught our friend!" We did not know what to do.
    Suddenly we heard a voice. somebody was saying "Girls, what are you doing here?" It was the man from the car. We felt very scared and ran away. Finally we got home safely. On the next day we got to know that nothing happened to Nikita. We escaped from the park because we knew that the criminality is on the rise in our town.

    Примерно так

  • Проверьте пожалуйста.

    Studying abroad is a good possibility to get a good education. That’s why you should very carefully and seriously choose the university. You should take into account your education programs, a stage of life in country and another.
    Today studying abroad is very popular. More parents choose studying abroad for their children for transfer own business. In fact studying abroad gives the child a “pass” in life. Studying abroad is actually for people whose want to do a career in business, trade. On the other hand if you want to link your life with some mathematics professions you can get a good education in Russia. Of course studying abroad is very prestigious but dear education institutions don’t guarantee excellent results in education as in Russia because abroad without hard work, efforts and talent you can’t get a good education. Also one plus is that in the course of studying abroad is full integration child to the international environment and child can get a good relations with certain world elite.
    I think that studying abroad is the best way of education. But parents shouldn’t send their children abroad without their wish. You should know that studying abroad is a choice that determines the future your children.

  • Проверьте пожалуйста.I have written the report on “Market economy” and would like to share my ideas about it with you. My report is written on the interesting theme. My report can be logically divided into several parts. They are: introduction, the main part, conclusion and references.
    Introduction gives the information about concept of Market economy. Market economies are, by their very nature, decentralized, flexible, practical and changeable. The central fact about market economies is that there is no center.
    The main part tells us about the prices and consumer incomes, about business in a market economy. Consumer spending represents the basic source of demand for products sold in the marketplace, which is half of what determines the market prices for goods and services.
    The conclusion informs us about the property rights. Property rights must be well-defined legally, and business owners and investors must be treated the same by the law and commercial regulations whether they are citizens of the country or foreign nationals.
    Much attention is given to factors increase of the prices. Economic factor that consumers must consider carefully in making their purchases of goods and services is their own level of income. Questions what to make, how to make and for whom also are discussed. It should be stressed that the important role in market economy is played with consumers. Examples of change of the prices are examined , Such as examples of buying oranges and production of bicycles

    I consider this theme to be of interest for economic students, economists and everybody who is connected with this sphere of life.

  • здравствуйте, я носитель английского. с удовольствием отредактирую ваши тексты. обращайтесь. jana.trouch@gmail.com

  • Jana
    Were you born in the US?

  • Проверьте пожалуйста

    One morning when he was in Rhodes, he to coming down, when he to seeing Betty, as she was walking along the passage.
    “You never shown me your room, Betty”, he said.
    “Come in and have a look. It is very nice!”
    She turn back and he follow her. The room have to a lot of expensive furniture in it.
    “This couch been rather big for you.”
    “It is huge, isn’t it? But it is so lovely, I have to buy it! It cost me a fortune.”
    He suddenly saw a box of cigarettes on the table.
    “Look at this. Isn’t this painting beautiful? I almost cry when I find it.”
    “I think it cost you a lot too.”
    “I don’t can even tell you!”
    When they leave the room, he look out of the window.