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    Он поздоровался с Тихоном и спросил: Что это Вы, Алексей Николаевич, так рано собрались в Ленинград.

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    посмотрите пожалуйста ошибки: A helicopter is a type of rotorcraft.
    It used for transparation, constraction and tourism.
    The Helicopter has speed of 200 kilometres hour.They places 5 persons.
    This air transport can overcome more than 2000 km.
    Helicopters fill with kerosene.
    They saves way time. The helicopter is favourable to flights on distances to 300 km.
    Helicopter 2 pilots operate.
    Types of helicopters: Mi-8, Yak-24 etc.

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    My name is Vicka Shelest me fifteen years. Our family is big. This mom, dad, brother and me. Brother’s name is Bogdan emu twelve years he was very funny and kind. I also have a cat her name is Alice. I have many hobbies. such as dancing, and I love to read, listen to music and I love to travel to different countries. I’m good, my favorite subjects are math, science, and others. I have certainly not decided who I want to be but must soon decide. I have very good friends, they are very kind and sympathetic. But I also have a best friend, her name is Ira. I trust her and I’m sure I can rely on it in any situation. She is the person to whom I can turn for help and advice in the most unfortunate moment in my life and that I can tell all my problems. Personally, I believe that friendship is a great force.

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    Здравствуйте! Снова прошу вашей помощи.
    Я написала на английском два текста. Даже так: написала параллельно на русском и английском, чтобы было понятно, что я хотела сказать на самом деле :) Объем, если считать только английский текст, получается 1,5 листа и 2 листа А4. Их нужно проверить.
    К кому можно обратиться?