English, please!

  • Hello, everybody!!! Let's speak English, please!!!

  • to Nataly
    Hi Hataly. Let's do it =)) right now
    How about going out to the cinema?

  • =)) I'm joking
    What are you? and How long are you study English??

  • AleXxX,I'd like to ask your question instead Nataly,if you agree,aren't you?:)

  • Hi, I'm dim a let's speak only what about speak?

  • How long have you been studying English?

  • hi everybody. why`s so less messages, lets speak english

  • People are shy, perhaps. I promise to answer anyone here if they want to talk.

  • Hi, Vera. I wont to speak English. I have been studying English a month. Last time I studied English 20 years ago))) But i have same practics. I have a small word baggage and I have never talked in English. I write with mistakes((

  • Never mind mistakes. It's great you wish to speak! Where do you study English?