English, please!

  • Hi Vera. I study english at school.

  • i taught english on my on. But now i have began to study with a tutor.

  • You can't use "taught",.you studied or learnt English.Have you got any hobbies?

  • Hi Vera. Yes i have. But i dont have any time for my hobbies(( i like drow

  • Do you mean drawing?

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  • Yes. Is it a wrong?

  • i like drawing portrets

  • Do you draw the portraits of real people?

  • Hi everyone!!! My name is Ira.I wont to speak English. I write with mistakes(( Looking for friends in correspondence:) Let's chat? https://vk.com/i.aniskina

  • HI IRA! I write with mistakes too))
    Vera HI! No i draw of my fantasies

  • Hello! I'm Natalia) does someone want to speak with me?)

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  • Do you mean someone in particular? it reminds me of a song:
    I need somebody,
    not just anybody [Help! by the Beatles]

  • I know this song. It is cool)

  • That’s somewhat unexpected – I never thought people of today could appreciate John Lennon. The Beatles were a bit before my time, but still have a nostalgic value. I used to copy their lyrics by hand– today it’s all cut and paste …

  • The Beatles became classic. As for me it's immortal! And my generation have to listen to such music)

  • it's quite refreshing to learn that ‘I’m not the only one’ – there’re others (who love the Beatles)))
    I agree, they are timeless …