общение с иностранцами

  • I want to speak with different English people!!!!!!!!! I will be very happy!!!


  • hi all

  • Hi everybody! Wishing you all Happy Easter!!! I would like to chat to somebody in English. If you are interested, please, write to my email address olgazest@yahoo.com. Thanks )).

  • I knew >100 words english...write me easy...Me 45 year.Driver -professional.I am life in Siberia,Altai .I like George Michael and melodyes music

  • Hello ! My name is Alina. I want to speak in Englisn very well, but my english is bad..=\\

  • Hello. My name is Ruslan. I am from Kazakhastan. I want to communicate with somebody. If somebody is sitting in a forum now, please answer!!!

  • Hello! My name's Natalia. I'm 32. I'm from St.-Petersbourg. I've been stydying English for some years. But I've got problems in using it. May be somebody helps me: I'd like to talk in written form, and , of course, by skype.

  • where is an Englishman? Would you like to chat some little English?

  • Hello! I want to chat with people to improve my english)But my english isn't good.
    Write to me who wants to practice russian language!I glad to chat with you!)

  • Hello Ruslan)how are you?