общение с иностранцами

  • hello
    i want to communicate with you and teach English

  • hi!) how are you?

  • Daler
    Hello! Do you want to chat together? There is my ICQ 605-946-729.
    And if anybody want to chat, please write to me.

  • i speak russian want to study english.

  • hello. My English is very bad. I will be physician.
    write me.

  • Hi! my english is very little. I want to speak in english and write...Help me please)))

  • Hello!!! My name is Tereza. I want to speak English, because I do many mistakes in English(( Help me!!!.

  • Хочу пообщаться на английском!Пожалуйста,напишите!Моя ася: 556510771,или маил: psyhoz999@mail.ru

    I want to chat in English!Please,write to me!My ICQ: 556510771, or mail: psyhoz999@mail.ru

  • Tess Hi!

  • I want to chat with somebody on English to improove my language!