общение с иностранцами

  • Hi, my name is Arman.I am from Kazakhstan. I want to find from england or USA to raise level an english.I am waiting for you

  • Sory,that was wrong.It's mine phrase:
    To speak english really interesting you know.I'd like to speak with somebody.
    But i don't know with whom.I can spek english,but not very well.Yet.

  • Hi to everyone. I'm Mariya. I like English & I would like to speak English whith everybody.
    My ICQ 281451945

  • Hi! I would love to communicate with English native-speakers. I want to have some practice in my English.

  • Hi,Diane...=)my name is Alina. I speak russian, and I need in english. Do you really want to speak? where are you from?
    I will be very happy!!!

  • I can't find good chats to talk to english-speeking people... I see you know some of them. Plese tell me, what place is the best to find english penpal.

  • Hey) I see you know some English chats... Tell me which of them you find the best.

  • I'd like speak English, but I speak English a little bit.... Who want speak with me then writting for my ICQ 25-375-35. I from Ukraine+)

  • I want to talk in english))

  • I don`t exactly think it`s easy to find native speaker here, so it would be great to communicate with someone with average knowledge of English like me. Cuz i allready spoke with beginners and I didn`t realise something new :(
    So... Who is native speaker or has averege level of english knowledge, will be glad to communicate!!!

    my e-mail - paskal@mail.ru
    my ICQ - 572939185