общение с иностранцами

  • hello! I want to communicate with english penfriends

  • Hi!I'm going to visit England this simmer,so,I wish chat in English more than I can. I was in England,but it was too long years ago,so i want to practice my language.I'll wait your letters,chat soon:)My ICQ 484033727

  • Andrey Do you want to communicate?

  • I wanna lean better technical english.Please help


  • hi iam from russia who want a chat with me this my icq 478288236

  • english rules anyway...=)
    If you people can't find anyone to talk to in english (which is difficult in our country)maybe you ought to try different approach? Watching movies in english, reading english books etc. etc.?

  • hi...i would like to speak with American man or woman.i learn English and it is very interesting for me

  • Hi everyone!)) what's up?

  • Привет всем)))
    Я английский знаю только на школьном уровне, и хотелось бы пообщать с кем-нибудь на английском, чтобы улучшить знания... Мой ICQ: 407153076 )))
    E-mail: lenalina5@rambler.ru