• above board

    честный (игроки показывали свою честность, держа руки поверх крышки стола)

    It is necessary to be above board when dealing with people otherwise they won't trust you.
  • according to Hoyle

    в соответствии с правилами, по правилам (Хойл написал хорошо известную книгу о правилах в карточной игре)

    According to Hoyle, the in-patients are not allowed to leave the hospital grounds.
  • ace in the hole

    скрытое преимущество, козырь про запас

    I have an ace in the hole, and I can use it to gain advantage over the other members of the staff.
  • ante up

    делать взнос, платить необходимую сумму денег

    I have to ante up and pay the necessary amount of money for my new car, which I have recently bought on credit.
  • be dealt a bad hand/deal someone a bad hand

    получить плохие карты или попасть в невыгодное положение

    It looks as if Felix was dealt a bad hand; he appears to be very upset.
  • call a spade a spade

    называть вещи своими именами

    They were a little afraid of this young man and his dreadful trait of calling a spade a spade.
  • call someone's bluff

    разоблачить обман, вывести кого-либо на чистую воду

    I could call the man's bluff if I were sure I would be able to prove that he is a swindler.
  • cash in one's chips

    умереть (дословно 'поменять фишки на наличные деньги в конце игры')

    My Grandfather cashed in his chips at the age of ninety-five.
  • come/turn up trumps

    оказаться более удачным, чем предполагалось

    Wanda's marriage turned up trumps which was a big surprise to her friends and family.
  • deal someone in

    включить кого-либо (в команду, в группу и т.д.)

    Tim intended to deal his friend in his printing business, but Tom rejected Tim's proposal.
  • follow suit

    иметь карту такой же масти, поступать также как кто-либо; подражать кому-либо

    "If Jenny is going home early, I think I'll follow suit."
  • force someone's hand

    навязывать кому-либо, принуждать, подталкивать

    "I am not willing to force your hand to sell your small business."
  • have a card up one's sleeve

    иметь запасной план или тайное преимущество

    I suspected that Robert had a card up his sleeve; he looked very sure of himself.
  • have an ace up one's sleeve

    иметь козырь "про запас"

    Frieda had an ace up her sleeve which she could use against her opponent.
  • hold all the aces

    иметь хороший шанс, иметь на руках козырную карту

    I am holding all the aces, and I hope to do well in the negotiations.
  • hold all the cards

    быть в выгодной ситуации, иметь преимущества

    I held all the cards and was not afraid of being sacked.
  • hold all the trumps

    иметь хороший шанс, иметь козырную карту

    I am holding all the trumps, and I hope to do well in my business.
  • in spades

    (получить) больше того, что хотелось бы

    The mother of the sick boy was hoping to receive some money, but when the radio talked about his illness she received it in spades.
  • in the cards

    вероятный, возможный

    Although their project was in the cards they were not sure that they would begin working at it soon.
  • lost in the shuffle

    упустить из виду или быть утерянным в запутанной или неблагоприятной ситуации

    As the family was moving from place to place, some of their utensils were lost in the shuffle of the move.
  • not playing with a full deck

    быть умственно неполноценным

    Everybody in the area knew that Len was not playing with a full deck.
  • play one's ace

    использовать лучшие ресурсы (козыри)

    We were going to play our ace when we decided to supply our company with new equipment.
  • play one's cards right

    воспользоваться своей возможностью наилучшим образом

    I hope to play my cards right and get a promotion soon.
  • poker face

    бесстрастное, ничего не выражающее лицо

    George had a poker face when he tried to deceive me.
  • put (lay) one's cards on the table

    рассказать всё без утайки, "открыть свои карты"

    I put my cards on the table and told my parents what was worrying me.
  • raise the ante

    поднять, увеличить ставку (ставка – деньги на кону перед началом игры)

    The Chief Executive had to raise the ante when he decided to cancel the contract with the shipbuilding company.
  • show one's hand

    раскрыть карты, обнаружить истинные намерения

    Hillary was very evasive about it all as if she didn't want to show her hand to me.
  • shuffle the cards/deck

    изменить политику, "перетасовать колоду"

    It is not wise to shuffle the deck in the middle of an economic crisis; it may cause even more uncertainty.
  • stack the deck

    поставить в невыгодное положение, "подтасовать карты"

    Marion felt that they had stacked the deck against her, that she had never had a fair choice.
  • trump card

    козырная карта; убедительный, веский довод

    There were several ways to persuade my friend to go to the party with me; my trump card was that John would be there too.
  • up the ante

    повысить ставки

    The artist seems to up the ante when he refused to sell his pictures very cheap.
  • when the chips are down

    (быть) в трудной ситуации (chips – жетоны в казино)

    Sam is not a loser, and when the chips are down, he is always able to find a way out.